About me

  • Clinical Psychologist;
  • Teacher / Coach;
  • Secondary Language Teacher of Languages and Literature (qualified teacher of English) (Registered in the Register of Translators and Interpreters of the Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone);
  • Oral Speaking Examiner Cambridge (YLE-KET).


The dilemma and the wealth of double roots

I grew up in Munich where I acquired the German language in a natural and spontaneous way and where I came in contact with a very different mindset than Italian. Being a daughter of Italian immigrants I soon lived the difficulty of social integration. Assumptions and prejudice poured over me and I could neither confirm nor deny because I actually knew Italy very little. Divided between being an adopted daughter of a concrete and tangible reality such as Germany and the daughter of the Italy I soon developed two cultural identities that still live in me harmoniously.

My return to Italy was joyful, warm, familiar, cheerful and imaginative, qualities which I reclaimed immediately. From Germany I brought back other qualities which are introspection, rationality, trust in others and in society.



There were a few exams missing to my master degree in Foreign Languages and yet in my heart there was a flame that burned and I wasn’t indeed 100% satisfied. The journeys which I made in my dreams visiting my friends and relatives giving them my support with an open, active and emphatic listening, were clear messages of a deep desire and index that I should study to undertake also a profession based on the helping relationship . So in 2013 I graduated in Clinical Psychology. The approaches that I could see and experience were the cognitive-behavioral approach, bioenergetics, analytical psychology. A great interest aroused in me the psychosomatic and bioenergetic component that directs an approach to man in an holistic and integrated way. So I deepened my studies with Dr. Mario Papadia traditional Chinese medicine, relaxation techniques, mental programming and the manipulation of energy systems.

Cambridge Speaking Examiner

I have been regarded by the organisation CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT as a Cambridge English Speaking Examiner (SE) for Young Learners and KET Exam. This gave me a deeper understanding of what’s required of my students when they go into the exam room and makes me a better teacher, as I know how to help them produce their best under pressure.

Indeed a Cambridge English Speaking Examiner:

  1. has a suitably professional background, meeting the specified minimum requirements::
    • education to first degree level or equivalent; a recognised language teaching qualification;
    • at least 3 years or 1,800 hours relevant and recent teaching experience.
  2. demonstrates the following English language competencies:
    • overall language proficiency relevant to the examination;
    • clear diction including intelligibility outside the region/ country where examining takes place;
    • linguistic accuracy;
    • ability to judge the grammatical accuracy, acceptability and appropriateness of spoken English at the relevant examination level.
  3. has the necessary personal qualities and inter-personal skills such as:
    • willingness to observe the need for confidentiality and security in all aspects of the work;
    • responsibility, conscientiousness, with an attention to detail;
    • capability to interact appropriately with the type of candidates for the examination in question in such a way as to ensure that the candidates provide an adequate sample of English representative of their speaking ability.

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