Family and couple mediation


Family mediation is aimed at couples and at reorganizing family relationships in the presence of a will to divorce. Specific techniques are used such as mediation and negotiating conflict.
In this case the psychologist is a third impartial compared to the couple and has the objective of supporting the couple itself. Within this neutral space, the psychologist is therefore proposed as a specific resource to favor the negotiation of all those issues that create discomfort, frustration and a conflicting climate. The couple, therefore, is a protagonist in managing their own conflict and addressing their resources to find a dialogue as functional as possible for the changes that come true for the whole family.
During the mediation process, the couple focuses on conflict management, without any judgment and total impartiality. The goal is to help the couple reopen communication channels interrupted by the conflict without judging, but by encouraging forms of cooperation, stimulating partners in exploring innovative and personalized solutions. Thanks to this positive and suitable climate for collaboration and the empathic relationship established with the couple, you can accompany and support each parent in redefining his / her personal identity.

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